Page 13 - Alfred the Great And His Legacy
P. 13

Reason One For His “Greatness” – An Exceptional

                  Military Leader But Also Astute

                      • All of his brothers became king when his father died but they all died young.

                      • When Alfred succeeded to the throne of Wessex in 871, aged 21,

                         all Anglo-Saxon kingdoms had fallen to the Vikings, except Wessex & Mercia.

                      • Alfred immediately had to defend Wessex from the Vikings. He fought 6

                         battles just in his 1 year on the throne!

                      • He was a good leader & fighter, & he learnt from experience to employ

                         advanced tactics in warfare.

                      • After a series of hard battles, he won a decisive victory over the Vikings at the

                         Battle of Edington in 878, despite being very outnumbered.
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