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            1 Optimism and Progress:
            5 Jan Introduction: Finish Victorians; Rousseau and the Inner Life
            19 Jan Vienna 1815: Metternich and Mazzini
            2 Feb Visionaries: Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace

            2 Freedom and Equality:
            16 Feb Socialist awakening: Owen, Proudhon, Bakunin, Marx

            2 March Liberal statesmen: Lincoln and Cavour

            3 Revolution and Reform:
            16 March Freedom and the nation: Americans and Italians
            30 March A Question of Style: Movements in Western European Art in the 19th
            century, prepared by Cathy Knight

             4 Reason & Science:
            27 April The heart has its reasons: Comte and reason, Eliot and emotion
            11 May Science of genius: Darwin, Spencer, Galton; social Darwinism, eugenics

            5 War and peace:
            25 May The brotherhood of man: Clausewitz, Tolstoy
            8 June Cry havoc: the First World War and General Hague; Paradise Regained? -
            summing up
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