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Verwood U3A History Group - Topic for 2019-2020

                              Paradise Lost: Four Stories of Revolution 1688 – 1832

            “Between the idea
            And the reality
            Between the motion
            And the act
            Falls the Shadow.”

            (T.S. Elliot “The Hollow Men)

             “The endless cycle of idea and action,
            Endless invention, endless experiment,
            Brings knowledge of motion, but not of stillness”

            “O wretched generation of enlightened men,

            Betrayed in the mazes of your ingenuities”
            (T.S. Elliot “The Rock”)

            We will look at the period 1688-1832, the “long 18  century”, through four stories of
            revolution. Each story is focused on a different city, each illuminates a different
            aspect of the modern world, but each is also beset with contradictions. Are these
            stories of success or failure?

                   1.  Stability: London
            How Britain evolved a revolutionary form of constitutional and parliamentary
            government while pretending to be restoring past glories. Sessions to include: the
            Glorious Revolution of 1688; Burke and conservatism; Macaulay and the Whig
            interpretation of history.

                   2.  Enlightenment: Paris
            How the hope and optimism of the Enlightenment gave way to Revolutionary Terror
            and Napoleonic dictatorship. Sessions to include: the Enlightenment and its enemies;
            interpretations of the French Revolution; Napoleon “the Great”.

                   3.  Democracy: Philadelphia
            How the American Revolution made it necessary to create a nation. Sessions to
            include: defining the American Revolution; the Philadelphia Convention; the Founding
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