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PART ONE (Autumn Term 2020):

                                   THE BRITISH CENTURY 1832 – 1914

            A Chronology
            1837 Victoria crowned Queen, aged 18
            1840 Victoria and Albert marry
            1849 Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood of artists formed
            1851 Great Exhibition in London celebrates British industry
            1852 William Morris joins the Birmingham Set of Medievalists
            1857 Indian Rebellion (Great Mutiny, “First War of Independence)

            1861 Prince Albert dies, aged 42; the Queen enters mourning
            1867 Second Reform Act, doubles the British electorate
            1867 Bagehot publishes The English Constitution
            1868 Disraeli (Feb) then Gladstone (Dec) become Prime Minister
            1870 Scramble for Africa begins among Great Powers
            1871 Darwin publishes The Descent of Man

            1876 Disraeli’s Royal Titles Act makes Victoria Empress of India
            1881 Armstrong’s house Cragside first to be lit by electricity
            1883 Lord Salisbury writes article Disintegration
            1883 Galton invents the word eugenics
            1884 Third Reform Act enfranchises 40% of adult males
            1885 Lord Salisbury becomes Prime Minister
            1886 Gladstone proposes Home Rule for Ireland
            1888 Jack the Ripper murders

            1893 Octavia Hill helps found the National Trust
            1893 Gladstone’s last Home Rule Bill defeated by House of Lords
            1894 France-Russia Alliance begins countdown to First World War
            1895 Joseph Chamberlain appointed Colonial Secretary by Salisbury
            1897 Bram Stoker publishes Dracula
            1897 Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee; Kipling publishes Recessional
            1898 H.G. Wells publishes War of the Worlds

            1899-1902 Boer War
            1899 Conrad publishes Heart of Darkness
            1899 Howard forms the Garden Cities Association
            1901 Queen Victoria dies
            1909 Lloyd George’s People’s Budget rejected by House of Lords
            1911 Parliament Act limits power of the Lords
            1914 First World War breaks out
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