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                                         TOPIC FOR 2020-2021

            (Due to the continued suspension of U3A meetings during the coronavirus pandemic,
            we are using Zoom to discuss this topic during the Autumn Term. We anticipate that
            this will continue until restrictions are lifted)

                              PARADISE REGAINED: STORIES OF

                                POWER AND GLORY 1815-1914

            The Father to whom in Heaven supreme
            Kingdom and Power and Glory appertains;

            All thy heart is set on high designs,
            High actions. But wherewith to be achieved?
            Great acts require great means of enterprise.

            (John Milton “Paradise Lost”)

                                 OUTLINE AND INTRODUCTION

                                    PART ONE (Autumn Term 2020):

                                  THE BRITISH CENTURY 1832 – 1914:

                   Grateful thanks to Cathy Knight for her presentation on
                                            “The Pre-Raphaelites”

            Joining the dots
            Two things I have never understood about British history. If you ask, what have the

            British achieved in history that sets them apart, you might mention Shakespeare, the
            Beatles, the Premier League. But if you ask an historian, they’d probably (more
            boringly) say, the Industrial Revolution, parliamentary democracy, and the British
            Empire. What I’ve never understood is, how did these three things relate together?
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